Refill My Candles

Candle Making the Simple Way!

Refill My Candles has developed a simple way for you to re-kindle your candle jars and containers into beautiful Luxury Natural 100% Soy Wax scented candles in just a few minutes.

Put your used candle containers to new use.  You will achieve professional results, using the finest quality ingredients. Our candle kits create natural, eco-friendly, paraben-free, cruelty-free, scented candles which burn for 60+ hrs per 250ml candle.

Enjoy creating your own Natural Premium Scented Candles for a fraction of the price, helping the planet and your purse.

Refill My Candles has trialled and tested the various wicks, wax, and fragrance oils to bring you the best combination that works together beautifully.  We have simplified the complex procedure of making a candle and with our kits its possible for everyone to create amazing natural candles. We’re changing up the world of candles, and it’s the right time for you to jump on this hype train.

Benefits of Refill My Candle

  • Non toxic – We love the environment! All our candle making kit ingredients burn clean and produce almost no soot.
  • Organic Woodwicks – Our double wood wicks are organically grown, burn evenly and give a strong flame with zero wasted wax!
  • Soy For LifeEco Friendly/Biodegradable.  We go for natural soy wax instead of the mainstream paraffin wax. Ours burns three times longer.
  • Amazing Scents Paraben Free/Perfumer Speciality Blended Range.    Fragrances are something we hold very close to our hearts. Our range of scents will definitely surprise you with their amazing blend of aromas as well as the superb scent throw for the whole the life of the candle.
  • Affordable – We’re the only candle making business that wont make you go broke! With our candle making supplies, you will be able to support this affordably.

Everything you need is in our candle-making kit with simple to follow instructions to recreate and rekindle your candle containers into luxury professional scented Eco Friendly candles in just a few minutes. 

Re-love Recycle Re-use

What's in the kit?

Well, all you could ever need!

Our aim is to provide all the right tools and candle-making supplies you need to refill and recreate beautiful natural candles. To make the process so much easier and user-friendly, we’ve converted candle-making from a science to a casual hobby with our amazing kit. We offer the finest ingredients, the right tools, and easy-to-follow instructions to make sure that you can create luxury candles that would even put some factory-made candles to shame, simply in a few minutes. 


Why I Created Refill My Candles?

My love of candles started many years ago, as I enjoyed the soft, warm glow and relaxed atmosphere they created.  I had so many; my brother even joked “where is the confessional box!”

As the selection and price of luxury candles increased, so did my collection! I was reluctant to throw the beautiful containers away, and this is where my research and development for Refill My Candles began. I was determined to simplify the candle crafting process and give you a choice in recreating beautiful luxury candles for a fraction of the price.

Hopefully, with this venture, I’m able to spread the love for candle-making that has influenced my life for such a long time.


My Happy Clients

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Mr. W. Brandon

"Everything supplied was of a great quality and so easy to use with the supplied instructions. It was actually bought as a gift but the wife and I decided to use it ourselves (she loves candles). The scents were beautiful and very aromatic and the whole experience was fun. And believe me, a lot cheaper than some of the candles my wife buys. Win, win for me...:-)"

"Really easy to use and found all the tools really handy to get started on making our own candles. Great little kit to help refill some lovely used candle jars I had. Better for the enviroment and a fun and easy little project for lockdown!"

3 x 250ml jars filled

Ellis Coomber

5 wick large bowl candle

C O'Keefe

"Had a lovely big candle holder to refill and this was perfect. Absolutely love it smells beautiful. Lovely starter kit for candle enthusiasts. The scented oil smells great."

Amazed at how easy this was to do with great results, burn really well and smell beautiful.