Our Story

I started Refill my Candles as i love candles and hated throwing my empty containers away

My love of candles started many years ago and I would fill every room with candles each evening, as I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere they created and the soft warm glow.  My brother even joked “where is the confessional box!”

The candle industry has now boomed into big business, and the choice and price of a natural Soy Candle can be upwards of £40!!  Over the past few years, the candles have gone from nice-to-have to a  home decor status symbol. Luxury candles are now one of the largest gift items.  A good friend bought me a beautiful silver container for my birthday and I loved it.  I used it sparingly but eventually, it was at the end of its life.  I could not bear to throw it away and this is where my Refill My Candles business venture began. 

3 clear glass candles
refill candles, 3 candles refilled how to make candles

My first candles

I decided I would simply try to refill the holder – surely not difficult!     So i ordered some wax and wicks not realising at that time that candle making is a complicated process and  scientifically challenging.

After burning my hands, destroying several pans, and getting wax all over the kitchen, I was truly bemused not to mention frustrated.

The result of my labour was wobbly wicks and candles that not only looked a mess but did not burn properly.  

Surely there must be a simpler way to Refill a Candle?

Finding a good combination of wax and wicks is not as easy as it looks and professional candle makers spend an enormous amount of time and money testing various waxes, wicks and fragrances to find combinations that work for various sized containers.  Undeterred,  I continued to  test  ingredients until I found the best combination of natural products that work brilliantly and give a beautiful natural fragrance. 

The traditional candle making process also involves investment in lots of equipment and is quite complicated and messy process.  Refill My Candles has developed an easy process. It is a simple, quick way to refill your candle containers. Everything you need is supplied in the kit and only takes a few minutes to refresh your old containers and breathe new light into your home in a few minutes.