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What’s in the Kit

In the kit you will have all you need to breath new life into those candle containers you have tucked away. Each kit contains …

  • Natural soy wax
  • Wax pouring jug
  • Double wicks with metal stands
  • Double stickers
  • Wooden stirrer

What else do you need to refill your candles?

The only other thing you need is a Microwave.  Natural Soy wax

Natural soy wax is a natural, completely sustainable product. As it is plant based rather than extracted from oil, it makes it much better for the planet and your personal environment.

Paraffin wax releases toxic chemicals that pollute your home as your candle burns. As soy wax is a natural product, it burns much cleaner than paraffin wax and does not produce soot as it burns. That means, cleaner walls, curtains and ceilings in your home and cleaner air for you too.

Soy wax burns consistently, creating a smooth and creamy liquid due to its low melting point. Because it burns evenly, you get a more even melt, so no more, weird, half burnt candles you have to throw away before they are finished.

Soy wax candles last a lot longer than paraffin wax – nearly twice as long in fact! Due to the low burning temperature then have. Because it’s a biodegradable it cleans up easily with just soap and warm water. You no longer have to worry about the mess paraffin makes when cleaning up your candleholders.  Soy wax washes right off of everything so no worries if you spill some either.


Wax Pouring Jug 

A Food grade product our long spout pouring jug ensures you can pour the hot wax into small containers with precision and ease. This makes it safer for you and gives you more options for containers. The jug withstands high temperatures without handle getting hot and is Microwave safe and lightweight.



We use double wicks in our kits. We love them because they burn evenly with a strong flame. They are sturdy and easy to use with a solid holder.  The metal tab stops wax from burning the bottom of your candle holder too.

Aesthetically, we love the soft glow they give. The flames appear fuller and more beautiful. The subtle crackles you hear while they are burning are so comforting. Once you use one, we think you’ll agree. Gone are the days of mushrooming, where the wick begins to obtain build up and fold over. From an artisan’s point of view, for us – the candlemakers – they’re incredibly easy to use and work with. We believe that they’re a gorgeous and unique alternative to your everyday cotton ones.


Other useful stuff we include:

Double stickers – easy to use and keep the wick in place while you pour your wax.
Stirrer – 7.5inch for use when adding scent or dyes.